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To protect your privacy, we hide your address, phone number, and contact information from travelers that have not confirmed a reservation with you.

      Ex: Apartment, suite, unit, building, floor...
  •   Ex: 37N 46' 29.74" or +37.7749295
      Ex: 122W 25' 9.89" -122.41494155
  • Use the + and - buttons to zoom in towards your location then click on the map where your listing resides to place the icon there.

Listing Movie Guide

  • Is it free to use the system? is totally free of costs for all tenants. Landlords pay a small obolus in a form of yearly fee per listing in the amount of 200 kn, no hidden booking comission.

  • How much does it cost?
    • Totally free of costs for all tenants
    • Owners pay yearly fee for listing of 30 Euro
    • Additional listing on home page slider monthly 10 Eur / 3 months minimum
    • Without any of commissions or fees
    • Direct contact to communicate owner/guest
  • Adventage in using Aero B'n'B
    • No booking fees
    • Direct contact owner/guest
    • Direct payment
    • Communication
  • Safety

    Communication guest/owner and their direct share of information release Aero B'n'B from responisibilities.

    • No payment through the system
    • Payment per agreement
    • Full info disclosure
    • Invoice and/or lease agreement
  • Why Aero B'n'B /

    Each day Aero B'n'B is attracting more and more house owners and are being recognized by travelers?

    • International site
    • Transparency
    • New approach to tourism
    • Legality
    • Sublet for a month or two
  • Are hosts allowed to decline reservation requests?

    Yes. As a host, you have full control over your listing.